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Albert Ang is an Industry Veteran & Digital Artist who understands Visual Effects & Animation for Television & Film Productions. A foundation in 3D Modeling has enhanced his appreciation & skill sets extending them into multiple disciplines of Content Creation. With over 17 years of experience, he has forged a strong understanding as well as a deep appreciation for production pipelines & workflow. He strives for excellence in meeting deadlines and takes pride in paying attention to both technical and artistic goals.

Graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, Albert started his career as a Software Technical Consultant at Alias|Wavefront Inc. His technical skills were honed while rendering Support and Training Services to a diverse client base. These companies ranged in disciplines from Industrial Design Studios to Visual Effects for Television & Film and the Gaming Industry. Inspired to teach, his training skills brought him to Full Sail University where he served as a Technical Advisor for both the Teaching Staff and Student Body and became one of the founding members of the Animation Program. Eventually his artistic roots won over and Albert moved back into Visual Effects for Film & Television Production.

Albert has stepped into senior roles as Modeling Supervisor and Pipeline & Workflow Supervisor, where his extensive experience has helped him understand all aspects of production from the artists on the floor, to quoting projects, client management and on-set supervision.

Featured Projects


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Happily N'Ever After

Berliner Film Company - Berlin Germany

Faeries of Blackheath Woods

Superprevis - London England


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    CG Workflow provides Production Consultancy for Films, Feature Animations, TV Series, Commercials and Games. From Start to Finish we can lend a hand or step-in to help Plan/Visualize and Complete your Project.

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    We are a Co-Op of Experienced Professionals with contacts in the UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan... and the list continues. We pride ourselves in meeting your deadlines.



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